Choosing a Niche for my new Online Business

Many moons ago, when I was knee high to a grasshopper, and I was wandering wide-eyed in cyberspace when I came across a wild, hairy, man from Japan.  This seasoned Guru took me under his wing and taught me the ancient art of product creation.  Under his guidance I created over a dozen Internet Marketing Newbie eBooks teaching people what I had learned.  Then, my mind filled with greater things, I had a vision of becoming a teacher myself and passing on my knowledge to help others become successful.  I purchased a couple of Domain Names to use for my coaching program, purchased a Webhosting Reseller Account to host my student’s websites, set up Help Desk software and a Forum… then exhausted and out of my depth cursed the day I heard about Internet Marketing and sank into depression.

Ironically, it was during this dark period that I wrote two of my most popular blog posts (“The Dark Side of Internet Marketing” and “The Tears of an Angel“).

Looking back now I can see some of my problems: I had the technical knowledge to achieve my dreams but lacked experience.

I still feel that helping others become successful is what I am supposed to do with my life… but I need to gain some experience in becoming successful myself first!  I need to go through the process so I can share it with others.

So what should I choose as my NAMS Niche?  I enjoy writing so should I focus on Blogging?  Should I try writing articles for Article Directories? Should I try the craft of creating an ezine and learn to gather a massive following of loyal subscribers?  Then again maybe I should look outside of the Internet Marketing bubble: I enjoy writing short stories so maybe should try and get a few published in magazines or go through the process of having a short fantasy fiction book published and share my experiences in a blog aimed at budding Writers?

The problem is that the more I keep thinking of choosing a niche for my NAMS homework the greater the number of possible niches that spring into my mind!


Chosing a niche for my new online business is going to be much harder than I thought!

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