Finding Your Ladder Online Business Success

Have you found your Ladder To Online Business Success? I have wasted too many years drifting form one promise of success to another and getting nowhere. Whatever I try I still feel like I am trapped down the bottom of deep, dark pit with no hope of escape.

My problem is that I don’t have a plan nor focus.

I continually drift from one shiny promise to another. Then a new shiny promise catches my eye and off I go. I don’t have a plan, don’t have focus, don’t have any organised step-by-step training to follow.

The inevitable has happened and I waste month after month running from one promise to another getting nowhere and still stuck on the bottom of this pit of failure.

Have you found your own ladder out of the pit?

I have recently come across a training series called NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System) and am impressed with it’s Sales Page. At last I feel I have found my ladder and by signing up I have stepped up onto the first rung of my journey out of the pit.

I want to cover many things in this Blog but, hopefully, my journey through the NAMS training will become an important part of my journey from the pit of despair to financial freedom. I have stepped up onto the first rung. I have begun my journey. Looking up I can see a tiny spot of daylight above me and I know that if I can methodically step up each structured training lesson, one small rung at a time I will reach the top of that ladder and freedom. I have only stepped up one rung but I am sure I can already start to feel the warmth of the sunshine from that tiny speck far above me starting to warm my back.

I hope that you will return to this blog regularly and follow me in my journey and that if you decide to sign up to NAMS and join me on my journey we will both achieve success.


  1. Moira says:

    Hello Ian, I found your blog through the my NAMs site – and have enjoyed your posts – yes, we all go through the phase of chasing around for something that will help us to succeed online quicker. I suppose people think that because it is the internet there should be a quicker route? All the internet marketing experts say it is dedication and hard work that will help us succeed online and to focus on one thing at a time – multi-tasking is a myth … I look forward to seeing your posts on your myNAMS member blog – not sure if you know but you’ll get a backlink from doing that.

    All the best
    Moira recently posted..Starting Your Own Online Business – How To Avoid ProcrastinationMy Profile


    Ian Douglas Reply:

    Hi Moira,

    Thanks for visiting my little Blog.

    Yes; I agree that focus, dedication and hard work will help newbies like me succeed online… but I think training is a vital ingredient too. We need to know what to do so we can discover what to focus on. That is why I am glad I joined NAMS as it is showing me how to build a business in easy to follow, simple, structured steps.

    I have not thought of setting up a members blog within myNAMS yet as the ones I have looked at seem to have been set up by quite advanced students who have already chosen their niche and are basing their posts around that. I have not yet decided in which niche to build my online business so would feel a bit out of place rambling on about myself and my journey as I can freely do on this personal blog… Perhaps I ought to click on your CommenLuv linked post about procrastination!



  2. Buy Box Experts says:

    Starting your online business can’t be that hard. It all matters on your experiences. Through it you’ll be confident and achieve lots of success without pressure. Also, it requires skills on how you manage a business and how you turn the business to have a great profit.


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