Focus – The importance of remaining focused when building your online business

Things seem to be going well.  I am quite enjoying myself in the NAMS training program but I have hit a problem…  I have posted a “Hello World” message in their Forum introducing myself, and also posted a few questions and received a few replies.  I have created a Blog in their Members Area as well as creating and posting on this; my personal Blog out in CyberSpace. I have also been happily commenting away on other member’s blogs sharing thoughts and ideas and liking every minute of it.  Life is good and I am enjoying myself.  Even although I have been a member for just a couple of weeks it already feels like home. But my glasses are getting steamed up.  NAMS do offer free membership but in order to access the structured training I have signed up for there is a monthly fee and it becomes due in a couple of weeks.


OK, OK… keep calm Ian, Keep calm… lie down… relax… take deep breaths…

I have been enjoying blogging and the forum so much that I have lost sight of my reason for joining NAMS which is to create and grow an online business in order to bring in a regular income.  My glasses have become steamed up; I have lost my focus.

Looking at the training schedule I am realizing that I have so far only completed Module 1 of the NAMS100 (newbie) training program.

The problem is that in Module 2 I am supposed to choose a niche in which to build my business and the niche I choose will be the one I have to stick with throughout the rest of the training. OMG!  Talk about being under pressure!  Making this decission is really freaking me out! My gut reaction is to hide away in my little warm, safe, corner and carry on blogging and generally distracting myself from having to make a decision. Perhaps if ignore Module 2 long enough it will go away? Perhaps if I keep quiet and stop posting messages in their Forum and stop updating my Blog people will forget I exist and I can quietly cancel my membership, sneak away and try to forget NAMS every existed?

Anyway, even if I do ever pluck up enough courage to make a decission, what niche should I choose?  If I go with my heart it would probably be about birds… A niche blog related to chickens or parrots for example would be something I would really enjoy… but would it bring in the dollars?  There may be quite a few people interested enough to visit a Blog about these pets; but would they be clickers and spenders or people just looking for cute video clips?

Looking at some ideas in the forum the preferred niches seem to be subjects I know nothing about and, although they are probably high traffic niches, they also seem packed with quite fierce competition too. I can see the niche attracting spenders but would I be able to make my Blog visible to visitors amongst all the other stronger, more well established, better designed, competing Blogs?

Looks like I need to pluck up courage to go through the Module 2 lessons and regain my focus!


  1. Janna Skroch says:

    Ian…I am in the same boat as you. Do I go with what I am interested in or do I choose what seems to be the obvious money maker? Let me suggest you go with the chickens and parrots. Create your blogs etc around thing that you love/like. I think it will shorten the learning curve. Focus on the fundamentals…the mechanics of how things work…and at least, in the meantime, you will have less overwhelm than learning the mechanics AND learning about something you might not have an interest in. Oh, and me??? LOL I’m writing about menopause and hotflashes…not because I love them…but because I REALLY dislike them!


    Ian Douglas Reply:

    Hi Janna,

    Thanks for your encouragement. Yes; I agree that (at least to start with) it would be best for me to stick to writing about what I know and love while I learn the process. I guess that is one of the great things about the NAMs coaching; that once you have created one blog you can go through the process again, perhaps this time with a slightly more complex and unfamiliar, niche slowly building up an online empire of money making blogs.

    Good luck with your menopause and hotflashes niche. Makes me glad I am male!


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