Is Indecision Paralyzing Your Business Progress?

I have been debating which niche to build my NAMS website on for ages. There have been so many choices flood into my mind that I have been swapping between ideas almost daily. The problem is that my indecision is holding me back. I can see that all my ideas may be profitable but by being unable to choose which one to start on my progress has ground to a halt. Choosing a niche had become a major stumbling block. A brick wall I needed to break through.

Are you paralyzing your business because of indecision?

Sometimes we can focus so much on something, and trying to make sure that something is perfect, that our progress grinds to a halt. I was stuck looking for “the perfect niche” to build my business on. It was only when talking my problem over with a friend that they pointed out that several of the niches I was debating over could be profitable so I should try them all. It then suddenly struck me that they were right. Although I should FOCUS on just one niche to start with I could repeat the process with the others once my initial blog had started being profitable.

So, as I am a professional Genealogist I have decided to keep things simple and start with the genealogy niche. I have made a start creating a basic blog and am now ready to start adding posts and using it as my test-bed as I work my way through NAMS100.

I realize that there are several other niches on my shortlist which may eventually turn out to be more profitable but it is time for me to stop debating and start moving forward otherwise I am never going to finish the training.

Time to start making some progress!


  1. ED says:

    Hi Ian, I appreciate this post since I’m there. My problem is that I don’t know what it is that I have to offer. However I have made a decision just to get started. I appreciate that I can always choose another once my feet are wet. THanks for the post.


    Ian Douglas Reply:

    Hi Ed,

    I think you have made the right decision to get started. I, myself, will be using my genealogy niche blog just as a test-bed really so as to “get a feel” for the NAMS system and to allow me to experiment with it and learn from it as I work my way through the training. Once I have completed the training I will probably go back and make a lot of changes to it then, with some experience behind me, hope to be able to chose another niche and grow a second blog slowly building my online empire one blog at a time. I do not see the genealogy blog I have created as my ultimate product but rather my first of many; my first baby step. I agree with you and think your choice to “just get started” is a wise move. I wish you every success and look forward to hearing of your progress on the NAMS forum.


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