Niche Selection Report By Kevin Riley

Using Your Head Heart and Wallet to Discover Your NicheIf you have been following my journey on this blog you will realize that I am current stuck choosing a niche in which to build my business.  Well I came across a free Niche Selection Report By Kevin Riley which has helped me a lot.  If you haven’t come across it before I would recommend downloading it and reading it.

The Report is titled “Using The Head, Heart and Wallet to Discover Your Niche” and is a presentation by Kevin Riley with questions asked by David Perdew.  In it Kevin explains:

  •  How to find the niche that’s right for you
  • Three factors to consider when selecting a niche
  • Detailed instructions and resources for researching a niche
  • How to find out what’s popular within your niche
  • How to find ideas for creating content within your niche
  • How to find affiliate products to sell within your niche

I think that you will find this free Report really useful if, like me, you find yourself stuck for ideas in choosing a niche.


  1. Moira says:

    Hello Ian, I have read this report from Kevin Riley too – it’s a really good one with loads of practical advice – actually I found it so good that I have used it as a free giveaway at a new site I am building up.

    Choosing a niche is the first place we all need to start, and sometimes we get stuck in finding the right one for our particular situation.

    I enjoy using the Squidoo site and found an excellent lens with more information on finding a niche – you might like to take a look at it

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    Ian Douglas Reply:

    Hi Moira,

    I am a big fan of Kevin Riley. His “Newbie Toolkit” guides were the inspiration for my Made Simple Guides.

    Thanks for the link to the Squidoo lens (I really must get around to creating a Squidoo account myself one of these days!). I keep changing my mind between several niches but have finally decided to keep my first niche simple and go with Genealogy; in particular how to research your UK ancestors for free so have created a Free Genealogy Tips and Advice website and will use that as my test bed for my first run through the NAMS coaching.

    Exciting times ahead!


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