Planning Your Online Business Part 1 – Finding your reason to succeed

Some time ago I decided that I wanted to start an online business and started searching the internet for business opportunities. I found loads of promises and before long my hard drive was jammed full of downloads. I came across so many shiny promises which turned out to be empty.

My lack of focus and the resulting information overload became a real problem for me.

I have mentioned in my About Me page how I have a lot of respect for a guy called Dennis Becker. If you have not come across him, or his products, before I would recommend that you download a free copy of his eBook 5 Bucks A Day Jnr v3 by filling in the simple form to the right of this article. It contains loads of good advice about developing the right mindset to become successful online.

I think I am now on the right track in developing a success mindset but I feel I need to crush the information Overload Demon and find a structured step-by-step training program I can follow. When I find it I will report back and, through my future blog posts, you will be able to follow my progress.

So I feel (thanks to Dennis) I now have the correct success attitude and am about to begin my task of seeking out a structured training program. But this is life and things don’t always go according to plan so I need to think deep about why I want to succeed. What is it that will keep me motivated and moving forward when problems get in the way? What is my overriding reason for wanting to succeed? What is YOUR reason for seeking success for your own online business?


  1. Derek says:

    Hi Ian,

    You have hit on a number of key points to success in your post and having that understanding at the onset puts you well ahead of the curve in my opinion.

    It will definitely involve hard work, and that is where a good majority of people lose interest. Sure there are some right place / right time stories but they are few and far between. Unfortunately, that is the flashy side that people see and want to duplicate.

    Along the way, mindset will be critical. That is one of the things that I have struggled with the most but it is essential to always believe in yourself and your abilities. Dennis, who I too respect greatly, has a lot of extremely helpful information about mindset.

    Here is to achieving all of our goals!



    Ian Douglas Reply:

    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, I agree, as well as having “A Reason Why” to succeed we need to start to believe in ourselves and our abilities. That is one of the reasons I mention Dennis Becker so much on this Blog as I find his products so inspirational.

    Wishing you success!


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