About Us

My name is Ian Douglas and my Blog is a diary of my journey as I build an online business from the ground up. I, like most people, have been tricked by scammers promising overnight riches. I have been guilty of belieiving their claims and chasing bright, shiney, promises... which always resulted in failure. But I have come to realize that "building an online business" means just that; it's building. It involves planning and takes time.

I am a big fan of Dennis Becker and you will probably find that I mention several of his products in this blog such as his 5 Bucks A Day Jnr, 5 Bucks A Day and his 1k A Day Insiders Club. The main thrust of these products is on developing the right mindset for online success. If you haven't come accross these products before it is well worth downloading a free copy of his eBook 5 Bucks A Day Jnr version 3.

I am also a fan of David Perdew and his NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System) which I am preparing to start.

So here I am. I have purchased some webspace and installed my Blog and this online Store. Time for me to start building my business!

Hopefully the thoughts and ideas I share in my Blog as I travel along my pathway to success will help you grow and develop your own online business and avoid some of the problems and difficulties I will encounter.